“Have Epiphany, Awake Potential”

Realizing potential and finding purpose is the way to finding your own way. Our "wise" design and product has the "effect" of awakening potential and inner strength. Lingerie and Cosmetics creative/ Web, E-commerce production and management/ Virtual Human


  • 渡辺 アンナ

    Born in Perth, Australia in 2001.
    Founder and CEO of WE Are Wild.
    Modeling based in Sydney since 2018 (affiliated with FRM Model Management).
    Established Wise Effect Inc. in Japan with the mission of inspiring the young generation to have epiphany, awake potential in 2020.
    Established WE Are Wild Inc. Developed Anna Roid, a virtual human of Anna.
    WE Are Wild Lingerie began in 2022 with a mission to Empowering women worldwide, recognizing the diversity and individuality, and pave the way for possibilities.


  • Virtual Human
    Anna Roid

    Virtual models are fictional avatars, generated by a computer that have realistic human characteristics, features, and even personalities. WE Are Wild offers production and consultation services for virtual humans.

  • Virtual Human
    Anna Roid

    Anna Roid is our original virtual model created for e-commerce brands.

  • Design Works

    We providing web, graphic, and product design that intuitively convey company or brand philosophy. Please feel free to contact us for more information.